Increasing student performance through proven classroom strategies, strategic leadership training and campus data analysis.


Creating Sustainability

Effective Education Systems’ goal is to assist in creating sustainability in a school. The processes the district chooses from Effective Education Systems become embedded in the culture with activities and the assessment process founded on state curriculum. Our goal is to avoid schools skipping from program to program; costing districts and schools additional cost. By coaching teachers through the process of embracing TEKS and TAKS objectives, we are able to develop foundations for learning.

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Flexible Services

Effective Education Systems services cover all a wide variety of needs for a school. The services to focus on during this project are part of the communication between district leadership and Effective Education Systems consultants. District leaders will have the latitude to add or delete services as requirements are achieved and sustained.

  • Instructional Audits to maximize teacher productivity
  • STAR® Questioning Strategies training for maximum student engagement and learning
  • Increase effective Response to Intervention (RtI) program
  • Differentiated Instruction Institute
  • Strategic Instructional Roadmap (SIR) – a lesson design that meets all learners in the classroom
  • Target Teaching®
  • Behavior and character education
  • Special Education



An Experienced Team

Founded in 2002, Effective Education Systems offers districts strategic leadership training, campus data analyisis, and proven classroom strategies to increase student performance. We are dedicated to the people and schools we serve.

  • Shannon R. Sobeck, President
  • James C. Rabe, Sr. Consultant – Science and Math Specialist
  • Mary K. Rabe, Media and Instructional Specialist/Library Consultant
  • Helen Hultquist, Sr. Consultant – Math Specialist


Addressing Needs

The choices made by school stakeholders come from a comprehensive needs assessment Effective Education Systems facilitates. Based upon analysis and school and district goals and mission, the grantee determines what specific Effective Education Systems services best fit their vision. The organization will provide suggestions on services appropriate to district and state requirements, but services are provided to meet a school’s need for flexibility and perceived objectives. If a district feels they have needs that are outside our services, we will assist in the search for other options.

Proven Success

During my tenure as superintendent at two different school districts I saw the impact of Effective Education Systems focused instruction and target tutoring. One district achieved exemplary status and the other went from having seven acceptable campuses to having six of the seven receiving a recognized status. The process works, is economical, and sustains productivity.

- John Hall - Superintendent

Our Process

  • Needs Analysis/SWOT
  • Triangle - "Live Inside The Triangle"
  • Data Drive
  • R3® Lesson Design System
  • Special Education
  • Student Behavior Initiative
  • Instructional Audits